Magical sari wrapskirt gypsy bohemian blue with turqoise oraments


Beautiful wrapskirt in sari fabric.

The skirt is made in two layers: the top layer a little shorter than the bottom layer.

Every skirt is different and completely unique!

Extra ordinary color and print combinations.

Size: One Size (S to XL) (you have 130cm towrap around your waist)

very colorful bohemian look with slippers or robust block heels

Lenght is about 95 cm

A real must have for every bohemian Goddess! You must have at least óne in your wardrobe :-))

There are multiple options to wear this magic skirt, you can read my blog and see many options or just google “ways to wear magic wrapskirt”. There is also an instruction sheet with the pictures.

Material: 100% sari silk (sometimes natural silk, sometimes viscose (= artificial silk made from natural raw materials like woodpulp from eucalyptus trees)

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