Beauty. This is an important value for me. Beauty in the sense of beautiful, colorful, special, extra-ordinary, the beauty of nature, the earth, the beauty of your life with all your struggles, your successes, your feelings, your experiences, your growth, your authenticity, the beauty of your place, the beauty of your soul, the beauty of creations, of art, of love ... There is sooooo much beauty to see and experience on earth. It's sooo important to focus on this beauty. To open your eyes to all the beauty. Of course there are also a lot less beautiful things, that is also part of the deal! But why not focus on what is beautiful, what makes you happy, what gives you energy. The great thing is that you go through life much more joyfully, create more beauty and attract more beauty; an upward spiral.

In any case, it is my mission to create and attract more color, more beauty, more love and more authenticity in the world. To make you happy with something beautiful, something special, something that suits you completely, so that you feel more and better yourself and can find and walk your path.

Who am I?


Marion van der Eem, 47 years old, willful, always walking just a bit off the beaten track, always looking for something new, for development, both earthly and spiritual. And always creating. Making clothes, bags, interiors, curtains, upholstery and painting of furniture, jewelery, belts ... I have been sitting since I was 12e behind my mother's old treadle sewing machine for my my first skirt, my bedroom was completely transformed a few times a year, me made choreographies for all kinds of occasions. Always plenty of ideas and energy. That was and is in me and is an enormous driving force in which I feel my best.

Now, with Bohemian Treasures, I started a web store where I can go all out in searching for, designing and making beautiful things. One of my talents is color, another is fine detail. In the designed and made by me magic cards for example you see an explosion of color and detail. My Gypsy heart is happy with colorful bohemian clothing, a beautiful leather bag with cool details, stones, beads, feathers, tassels. A leather waistcoat which makes my outfit just that little bit different and cool. (and which no one else has because that feels much nicer :-)) Or that very cool hip belt, with real gems and belt pouch. From a long colorful swinging gipsy skirt and then with bare feet on the beach. That feeling, that freedom. All own creations, own designs and own finds at Bohemian Treasures.

In 1997 I came outside Europe for the first time: Australia. So, my heart was touched by the beauty of that Land. That continent. The space, the freedom, the aborigines, the smells, the hippies, communities, the overwhelming nature. From there to Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, what creativity! what an abundance of handcrafted things, cloths, jewelry, figurines. Conceived the plan to buy there and sell in the Netherlands at markets, events. With my Volkswagen van T3 throughout the Netherlands, done this for 10 years under the name Namori. Also had a shop in Elst, Gelderland. Afterwards, I delved into Eastern wisdom and studied and practiced Chinese Medicine. (And meanwhile mother of two sons, already 14 and 17, Yunah and Jesse) Also about 10 years old. And I still do this. I really enjoy working with people. Also here to inspire and to bring something beautiful to give. A listening ear and a listening heart. Link. Aren't we all looking for connection? At least I do. Bohemian Treasures creates a mix of everything. A mix of insights, wisdom, beauty and creativity.