Colorful Gypsy clothing and lifestyle

* Smile on my face, love in my heart, peace in my mind, color in my life, creativity in my soul, wanna share and connect with You *

The term bohemian stands for freedom, for expressing your authentic self, not conforming, but acting from your heart. For colorful, special, extravagant and a little exuberant. Not very Dutch so :-)) but nice and different! Bohemian clothing; frilled skirts, boho wrap skirts, colorful gipsy dresses, ibiza style jewelry, harem pants, handmade special leather ibiza bags from our own studio, key rings with tassels and hamsa hands and more colorful cool gipsy style accessories.

May the bohemian Goddess in you emerge and let the very best in you come out. Be free, Be inspired, Be happy, Be YOU!

bohemian gypsy gypsy style

So what is that, “Bohemian”?

I have always thought it was a beautiful word “Bohemian” without knowing what it meant exactly. Many people immediately think of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody or another beautiful song: “Bohemian like you” by The Dandy Warhols. But what does it actually mean and where does it come from? A Bohemian is an original inhabitant of Bohemia,…

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Foto blog sari wikkelrokken

Magical wrap skirts from India

The magical sari wrap skirts from India have been around for a long time and are totally timeless. You can style them very personally and they come in so many colors and prints that you can use them in all directions. Moreover, you can also wear them in many ways. Simply as a wrap skirt,…

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