In addition to a webshop, Bohemian Treasures also has a regular location, which was moved to Atelierweg 2019 in Groesbeek in October 7. From a small space with storage everywhere and somewhere in the building to a wonderfully spacious studio with storage, work space and showroom space all in one.

Here I also prepare the shipments for the webshop and I take photos for the shop.

You can visit the showroom by appointment to try on, look and feel and to indulge yourself in all the colors and fabrics.
I think that next season I will also plan a number of fixed days on which the showroom is open to everyone. I will announce that as an event on facebook and indicate it here on this page. But I'll have to wait and see the corona situation for that.

Cozy and fun if you want to drop by! I will prepare the coffee and tea for you.

And especially combine a visit to my shop with a walk somewhere in the beautiful nature around Groesbeek, or drink a delicious cappuccino on a terrace in the cozy center.

To make an appointment, you can email me:

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