Bohemian Gipsy clothing and lifestyle

be free

Multicolor frilled skirts

Magic saree wrap skirts

a Must have!


from our own studio

Plain frilled skirts

Hand crocheted ponchos

What is bohemian?

The term “Bohemian” stands for expressing your authentic self, for freedom and not conforming to yourself, but acting from the heart. For special, extravagant, colorful and a little exuberant! So not very Dutch ☺ but nice and different! Bohemian clothing; frilly skirts, boho wrap skirts, colorful gipsy dresses, ibiza style jewelry, harem pants, handmade special leather ibiza bags from our own studio, key rings with tassels and hamsa hands and more colorful cool gipsy style accessories.

May the bohemian Goddess in you emerge and let the very best in you come out. Be free, Be inspired, Be happy, Be YOU!