These illustrations originated from a meditative connection with beautiful fields of color, shape and vibration. From walks in nature and an eye for many details. Geometric shapes and combinations of color and feel …..
Everything is energy. You too. And you always have a choice at what level you like to “vibrate”. In order to be able to make a choice, it is key to be aware of where you “hang” at the moment, so that you can direct your energy in a different direction if you want to. It is always possible to uplift your state of mind, your thoughts and feelings. This can be done in small steps or big jumps. Just what suits you or what feels good or possible at that moment.

The illustrations can help with this: look at it, meditate on it, breathe in the colors, the shapes, the feeling they give you …

The illustrations are available as a double card, printed in full color inside and out. With a corresponding printed envelope and a text accompanying the picture, printed on rice paper.

They are also available as a print on canvas of 60 by 40 cm, or larger, or as a poster print, so that you can frame it yourself if you want.